Monday, August 7, 2017

A Vegan Dietitian Reviews ‘What the Health’

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Will the popular new movie ‘What the Health‘ inspire more people to become devoted vegans and animal-rights activists? Or does the fact that it is based on junk science and cherry picking shed undeserved negative light on vegan diets? Here’s an article by a vegan dietitian, arguing that the latter is more true. Getting people to take animal rights seriously is a huge challenge. I cannot imagine that it does our efforts for animals any good when we build advocacy around hyperbole, junk science, conspiracy theories, and transparent dishonesty. On the surface, What the Health may seem like good advocacy for animals. I suspect that in the long run, though, this kind of outreach sets our efforts back and slows our progress on behalf of animal rights. A Vegan Dietitian Reviews “What the Health” For a more detailed point-by-point review of the health claims in the movie, check out our review: ‘What the Health‘ Review: Health Claims Backed by No Solid...
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