Thursday, August 3, 2017

Taking Out the Garbage

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After being someone who had such a struggle to walk from a parking lot into a store that I considered asking my doctor for a handicapped parking sticker, I now enjoy a walk through my neighborhood every chance I get. Except for Wednesdays. I don’t like to walk on Wednesdays. Wednesday is the day the trash gets picked up. It isn’t the sight or the smell of the garbage that I find particularly offensive, it’s the recycling bins. Those bins are filled with pizza boxes and ice cream cartons and empty low-fat cereal boxes. My neighbors are mostly kind and wonderful people, but they are also carbivores. Before I’m accused of being judgmental, let me describe my own recycling bin that my neighbors saw before I began low-carb high-fat. Empty Pepsi bottles, diet Pepsi bottles, low-fat whole grain cheerios, low-fat gold fish crackers, granola bars, and low-fat frozen waffle cartons. Those last four were the “healthy” foods I fed my growing children. Our pediatricians had...
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