Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Carb Trouble

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“Oh No! Bless his heart”, I muttered. My daughter’s gaze followed mine to the man standing by his car on the side of the road. “Aww… his car is broken down. Poor guy.” That was when I noticed the car hood was open, and it did appear he had some troubles. Actually, I had seen immediately that he needed help, I but had not noticed his car. I had seen his belly. The man was not obese and maybe not even very overweight, but he had a very large waist. His arms seemed proportional to his height and to his legs which may have actually been thin. Yet his belly seemed extended, as if he had swallowed a water balloon and all of the water had settled right in the bottom front where it hung over his belt. Technically, it’s called abdominal adiposity. Medically, it’s called bad news. Continue Reading → The post Carb Trouble appeared first on Diet Doctor.
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